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ABOUT Always Improve

I aim to provide a fun and professional personal training experience uniquely designed for your individual needs.

Whether you want to get fitter, be more active or chase other fitness goals, I will help you achieve a better quality of life. With my help, you will feel more energetic, motivated and in a better position to spend time doing the things that you truly enjoy.

With over 15 years of experience, I've built an extensive, solutions-focused coaching method that allows me to help my clients connect to their goals on a deeper level and learn how to become the person that achieves them.

Coach Eric

Claim Your FREE Meal Planning Kit Including recipes and customization!


In Person Training

Also Available through Skype or  Facebook Messenger 

One - One or small groups, it's your choice.  Most of my clients dislike the big corporate gyms where it feels like everyone is looking at you and the staff is always trying to sell you something you don't want.

With this option, your training is customized to your needs and Supervised to ensure safety, accountability and obviously RESULTS.

Express 30 Program

30 Minute Workouts that get you energized

It's tough to fit workouts into your busy schedule.  You keep putting it off because you are scared that you'll just be drained after workouts.  

The Express 30 Program will have you leaving your workout with more energy than when you started as well as improving your health and productivity.  This is what you've been waiting for.

Online Personal Training

This is the most cost effective form of Personal Training

You can have access to all my knowledge, all the accountability that you need and train wherever and whenever you want.  Scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past with this method.  Your training and nutrition programs are customized and can be changed at the drop of a hat.  


A Few Of Our Results...


Beyond the honesty, dedication and caring attitude Eric brings to clients, I most appreciated his proven approach to fitness. Eric's programs are built on science, consistency and hard work, not 'the next big fad' or unhealthy short-term solutions. Following his advice and customizing nutrition and fitness goals to fit my lifestyle was a real difference maker -- definitely not a 'one size fits all' approach.
An awesome coach who will motivate and hold you accountable while still having fun, I would recommend Eric and Always Improve to anyone looking to make a positive change and improve their lifestyle -- thanks Eric!


I started working with Eric at a critical moment in my life. I felt the need and want to become fitter AND stronger, and he came highly recommended by a friend! Needing a serious outlet for my anger and emotions, I opted for two sessions a week where Eric, based on our start-up interview and my goals, put me through the paces to results and a Better Me! Within weeks, not only was I feeling better emotionally, but I started to see results, and not just on the scale! I was stronger, had more energy, nice little guns and overall more positive. I progressed from struggling with the bar for a squat or Romanian deadlift to being able to deadlift my own body weight! I had to stop training due to an injury, but Eric never gave up on me and checked in all the time! I’m all healed up now and about to resume training! Sure, I could do it alone, but it’s so much better with him! He’s got a great ear, knows his stuff, can be serious but mostly lighthearted AND he has your health and wellness in mind! Join us! You won’t regret it!!!


The best part about Always Improve: they come right to your house for one-on-one sessions. No other people, no gym selfies, no one forgetting to wipe down machines after using them, no gym change rooms or showers. Working out in the comfort of my own home saves time and definitely helps in the motivation department. All the equipment needed is provided. My trainer Eric is bilingual, professional and always on time. He offers individualized training routines that change every three weeks based on my specific circumstances, abilities and goals. I've been a client for the past few months, have lost weight, gained confidence and feel better than I have in years. The working out at home model is more expensive than a regular gym membership but worth every penny. If you're like me, lost and overwhelmed at the gym, Eric at Always Improve is the solution.

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