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Hi, I'm Eric,

I commit to believing in you more than you believe in yourself.  I will help you set bigger goals so that you achieve your best results ever!

My Commitement to you

An important element in successful change is 'Helping relationships'.

I will provide all the things you have missed in the past.  I will always be positive and unwavering in my belief in your success, even when you don't believe it yourself.  

 I will continuously make you reevaluate your thoughts, your words, your vision of yourself and your belief in your abilities.

I will always turn around negative statements or false 'truths' you have about yourself or your abilities.

Above all, I will always care.

My Values & Beliefs


The first step is to get you moving the right way and pain free.  The next step is to use the appropriate exercises for your body so that you can build muscle, which will raise your metabolism so that you can burn extra calories in between workouts.  I will get you stronger while reducing your pain and improving your mobility.


The strength you develop is part one to improving your conditioning.  I will develop a conditioning plan geared towards your goals that will keep you burning calories long after you have left the gym.  Traditional cardiovascular activity simply burns calories while you are doing it. I will keep your conditioning plan fun and challenging to make sure you achieve your goals.


There is so much conflicting information out there.  Some is based on fact, some is based on fiction. We will look at your goals together and develop a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle as well as your likes and dislikes.  Have you ever followed a guilt free diet plan? This is your opportunity to do so!

About Eric

There's one thing that most clients who seek out the services of a personal trainer have in common: they want to change their life. For that to happen, they need to meet a personal trainer who is going to be patient and willing enough to take them the distance.

Eric has been training clients for over eight years. With 22 years of his own training experience, Eric also once changed his life. Spending 8 hours a day sitting on a chair in front of a screen wasn't what he had in mind for his long term happiness. An office job is terrific for some, but Eric was tired of consuming four coffees a day to have enough energy to make it through. It's not a life - it's an existence, and one that Eric wasn't happy with.

Without meals and workouts scheduled, Eric found it very easy to eat whatever he could grab and forget to exercise. Add that to the office job, and you get one sluggish individual! Over time, Eric learned that small changes allow busy people - such as he - to achieve lifetime health rather than short term results that end up bouncing back to old habits and poor health. After suffering a concussion in September 2017 and being unable to be active for a long time, Eric found that it was essential to reintegrating healthy habits one at a time to ensure he could return to full health, keep building a strong relationship with his wife and serve his clients.

The greatest joy Eric now gets is hearing the stories from his clients of things they can now do that they couldn't before. The clothes they can wear that they couldn't for the last few years and passing down the importance of an active lifestyle to their children, so the next generation grows happy and healthy as well. Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.

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